Judo/BJJ Gi

You can wear any Gi to our classes.  We have a limited stock that we have available but there are also numerous options online.  

Sizes:  The size of the Gi’s we have in stock are mainly Judo gi’s.  The sizes for Judo Gi’s are based on your height and come in increases of 5cm.   Such as  160cm, 165cm, 170cm etc.  As an example if you are 5ft 6 this is 168cm so you would order a 170cm sized gi.

Sizes available: 140cm, 170cm & 190cm

Price: £30 £15

These Gi’s also come with a white belt.

Gi’s can be ordered through Marie Spencer.  Please email her on info@bradfordmma.com or speak to her at the gym.

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