Welcome to the world of Kudo at Yorkshire Kudo, where our classes deliver a unique fusion of martial arts techniques and full-contact combat. Kudo, a mixed Budo sport, is a dynamic discipline that combines full-contact punches, kicks, throws, and ground submission techniques. Originating from Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate), Kudo is often recognized as Japanese MMA, offering a comprehensive and challenging training experience that blends traditional martial arts with modern combat elements.  For those that wish to grade and compete a helmet is worn, though this is not essential for training.  This has proved popular with some of our older members with professional roles as it removes the risk of a black eye or bruising.  

Kudo is taught by our esteemed head coach, Spen, a seasoned black belt who earned a Bronze at the Kudo European Championships in 2022. Additionally, Coach Spen participated in the Kudo World Championships in 2023, showcasing dedication to both expertise and competition. Coach Spen holds the prestigious title of a black belt in Kudo under the guidance of Mal Sanchez-Jones, the Head of UK Kudo. Moreover, he is a 2nd-degree Black belt in BJJ under the renowned Matt Thornton of SBG and a 5th Dan Black belt in Kickboxing.

Assisting Coach Spen is our accomplished assistant coach, Jason, who holds the rank of 5th KYU. Jason was a silver medallist at the Kudo European Championships in 2022, demonstrating both skill and competitive spirit. Adding to the coaching team is Marie, holding the rank of 8th KYU, contributing to the well-rounded learning environment at Yorkshire Kudo.

Kudo classes at Yorkshire Kudo offer a comprehensive and challenging training experience, providing participants with the opportunity to learn and apply a wide range of martial arts techniques. The curriculum is designed to enhance not only physical fitness but also mental discipline and strategic thinking.

To fully participate in our Kudo classes, students are advised to equip themselves with the following equipment:

  • Gi
  • MMA sparring gloves
  • Shin pads
  • Groin guard
  • Gum shield

Join us at Yorkshire Kudo as we delve into the dynamic world of Kudo, honing both your physical skills and martial prowess under the expert guidance of Coach Spen, with support from the skilled coaches Jason and Marie.

Kudo Grading System

The gym hosts or attends regular gradings throughout the year.  Our gradings are conducted by Mal Sanchez-Jones, who is the head of the UK Federation and the Head Coach at Yorkshire Kudo.  If you would like to grade speak to Coach Spen and he will confirm if you are ready.  Grading is not mandatory but many find it helpful to track their progress.

The belt system is as follows:

  • Ungraded – White belt
  • 10th KYU – Purple belt 1 tag
  • 9th KYU – Purple belt 2 tags
  • 8th KYU – Blue belt 1 tag
  • 7th KYU – Blue belt 2 tags
  • 6th KYU – Yellow belt 1 tag
  • 5th KYU – Yellow belt 2 tags
  • 4th KYU – Green belt 1 tag
  • 3rd KYU – Green belt 2 tags
  • 2nd KYU – Brown belt 1 tag
  • 1st KYU – Brown belt 2 tags
  • Black Belt
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