Kudo Gi

Although you don’t need a Kudo Gi to train in our classes.  You would need one if you wanted to grade or compete in Kudo.  They are different to a BJJ, Karate or Judo gi as they have shorter sleeves.

Sizes:  The size of the Gi’s are based on your height and come in increases of 10cm.   Such as 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm etc.  As an example if you are 5ft 6 this is 168cm so you would order a 170cm sized gi.

Price = £60 

Sizes currently in stock:

  • 160cm in white, light blue and dark blue
  • 170cm in white and light blue
  • 180cm in white and light blue
  • 190cm in white and light blue

Gi’s can be ordered through Marie Spencer and have a lead time of about 3 weeks if we don’t have them in stock.  Please email her on info@bradfordmma.com or speak to her at the gym to purchase/order.

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