Nogi Grappling

Embark on an empowering journey into the world of No Gi Grappling with our dedicated head coach, Mark Spencer, whose professional MMA experience and notable achievements in Nogi and wrestling competitions shape a dynamic and comprehensive class. As a black belt in Kudo, a 2nd-degree black belt in BJJ, and holding a 5th Dan black belt in kickboxing, Coach Mark Spencer brings a wealth of expertise to every session.

Assisting Mark are our experienced instructors, which includes coach Jason, a seasoned competitor in grappling and amateur MMA with a brown belt in kickboxing and 5th kyu in Kudo, and Marie, a grappling and amateur MMA competitor holding a purple belt with 2 stripes in BJJ, a green belt in kickboxing, and an 8th kyu in Kudo, our No Gi Grappling class is meticulously designed to enhance your skills and provide an invigorating workout.

This class places a significant emphasis on practical self-defence techniques and competitive sport grappling, ensuring that the skills you develop are both effective on the mat and applicable in real-life scenarios. The absence of a gi encourages a faster-paced and more fluid style of grappling, allowing you to master techniques such as takedowns, sweeps, joint locks, chokes, and positional transitions.

Under the expert guidance of our coaching team, you’ll progress through step-by-step sequences, establishing a solid foundation while advancing at your own pace. The benefits of the No Gi Grappling class extend beyond the physical, encompassing enhanced mental resilience, discipline, and self-confidence.

Open to individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds, this class caters to martial arts enthusiasts, MMA fighters, and those seeking an engaging and effective fitness routine. Our inclusive community fosters camaraderie and mutual respect, creating an environment where everyone feels encouraged to reach their full potential.

To fully participate in this empowering class, come prepared with the following equipment:

  • Gum shield
  • Clothing without studs or zips

Join us on the mats and experience the dynamic blend of expertise, camaraderie, and achievement in our No Gi Grappling class at Fulinkazan Martial Arts Academy.

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