Kudo National Promotion Test

This weekend we travelled to Birmingham for the Kudo National Promotion Test at Aston kudo Association.

Coach @spenfu was part of the grading panel headed by @ukkudofed @malsanchezjones

Coach @jasonjohnsonlegend_pt_coach_uk was taking part in the grading to get his 4th KYU. He was doing brilliantly until in his second to last fight he injured his rotator cuff and was unable to continue. The good news is it’s not a major injury and he should be good to go next time.

@mariespencer2809 was an extra body so the women taking part in grading had someone to have the required fights with.

Despite Jason’s injury we had a great time with good people. Thank you to Ash @astonkudosoc for hosting and to @malsanchezjones @goshinandkudoacademy for running the grading.

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